Public Worship and Aids to Devotion Committee Website

This website is provided by the PWAD Committee to help congregations within the Presbyterian Church of Australia. This is a long page...please scroll down.

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Public Worship & Aids To Devotion Committee
We are a permanent committee of the General Assembly Australia charged with providing suitable material and resources to aid in the public and private worship of God in our devotion to him and his Christ.

Convener: Rev Scott Kroeger
0412 681 715

Our Committee Portfolios


Is responsible for producing written resources enhancing worship in the Presbyterian Church of Australia.


Looking after our two websites and any other technical projects we have in operation.


Responsible for promoting the projects, publications and websites of the Public Worship & Aids to Devotion Committee of the Presbyterian Church of Australia.

Music Development

We are keen to be the Plus in Rejoice! Plus Hymnbase and encourage others to submit songs and hymns to be vetted for use in our HymnBase. Just click the button below.

Apply now

  • Part 1
  • $30
  • one off payment
  • REJOICE! PLUS HymnBase The electronic version of the Rejoice! Hymnal. Now available for you or your church to download your favourite hymns.
  • Part 3
  • Alternate Tunes
  • Author Index
  • Topical Index
  • Metre Index
  • Occasion Index
  • Year Index