Worship Cover
Over a period of many years the Presbyterian Church has, through its Assemblies used various books of Common Order, mostly based on the Church of Scotland’s orders of service. Various Assemblies authorised the appropriate committee dealing with worship to provide suitable orders of service for use as a guide within our Church.





The Purpose

  • To glorify God and Christ the Lord of the Church.
  • To provide some measure of uniformity within the Church regarding the practice of the public worship of God.
  • To act as a guide to all responsible for the conduct of public worship.
  • To set a standard of the kind of services the Assembly commends as an expression of the purity of public worship practiced in this Church.
  • To allow God’s people to receive adequate and proper guidance for the conduct of public worship.



The Committee acknowledges its debt to:

  • the various Books of Common Order which have been in general use in the Church throughout the years;
  • the work, dedication and prayerful assistance of a number of people who have given of their knowledge, expertise and time to this task;
  • the International Consultation on English Texts (I.C.E.T.);
The services in this book are not mandatory, but set a standard of the kind of services the Assembly commends.

Special Note

The questions required to be asked at the various services are set by the
General Assembly itself in regard to the following:

  • Ordination and/or Induction of Ministers
  • Ordination and/or Induction of Elders
  • Licensing of Candidates for the Minsitry
The questions proposed in this Book of Common Order, other than those
listed above, are suggestions.
  • the New International Version of the Bible which is the Bible text used unless otherwise indicated.
  • Church of Scotland, for adaptions from the Book of Common Order, 1979;
The Committee trusts that there has been no infringement of copyright.