There are some general guidelines to consider in creating a worship service:


There are several worship service formats to choose from on this website or you may elect to develop your own.  If you do create your own in a way that deviates greatly from those provided, you might want to consult with your church elder or pastor for approval.

The formats given are only a guide and it is important to experiment and try new things and ways to bring a fresh approach to worship.  There is nothing worse that a predictable worship service void of any creativity or inspiration.  



Each worship service component will ordinarily be preceded by or have included in it appropriate scripture verses.  This helps the worshipper know and understand that there is a method to approaching God and worshipping Him properly.  This is the "God part" of the conversation. 

Elsewhere on this website you will find provided for you, lists of verses in various categories.  Write the reference of the verse in the appropriate area of your selected worship format.



Line up your music team first by arranging early in the week for musicians to be available for playing on Sunday.  They will want the music selections early enough to practice them.

Select your music yourself or delegate it to one of the musicians in the church.  Be sure they understand any themes you may have planned and some idea of the scripture reading and direction of the sermon.  

It is a good idea to record the date you last used a piece of music to report it to copyright authorisors as required, but also to keep you from selecting the same songs to regularly to the point of over familiarity. 



  1. Always use the same Bible version as endorsed by the church leadership in your service preparation and in the reading of the scripture text, so as the people may follow along.  This includes any data projection that you use.
  2. Practice your delivery of the service ahead of time. Mediocrity is not pleasing to the Lord.
  3. Don't get stuck in a rut.  Experiment and try new things.  Just be sure to check with the church leadership for approval if in doubt.
  4. It is better to limit the number people leading the worship service to just a few and preferably just yourself.  More than one or two leaders often leads to disjointed services and lack of continuity in the conversational worship of God.  It is better to have different worship leaders each week if variety is important.
  5. Find out from the church leadership the regularly scheduled dates for communion of the Lord's Table and plan your services accordingly.
  6. Plan to come a bit early on Sunday to ensure that your plans take effect.Worship leaders should dress appropriately remembering that they are leading the people before the King of the Universe.  Worship of Him demands the best of what we have and what we offer.